Market Entry Decisions
Should your organization enter a new market, launch a new product or expand into a new customer segment? We can help you complete the thorough business analyses necessary to get the critical answers your organization needs to make these important decisions. By leveraging our unique integrated business planning approach we take into consideration several key factors in forming recommendations, projected financials, and the execution plan, including: • Market size and opportunity
• Key stakeholders / customer needs
• Internal organizational strengths / weaknesses
• In-depth competitive landscape
• Current and future clinical / regulatory challenges
• Overall key barriers to adoption
• Projected costs for entry and ROI
Market Launch Planning
Launching a new product or service? We provide a comprehensive framework and strategy needed to ensure a successful launch plan is implemented. By partnering with your organization and leveraging our experience in successfully launching over 80 new products, we can help formulate the key components of a thorough go to market approach, including: • Product overview, value proposition, messaging strategy, and brand positioning
• Launch goals, timeline, and post market measurement plan
• Detailed market model – pricing, forecast, and revenue projections
• Customer segmentation and targeting plan
• Competitive considerations and strategies
• Key opinion leader and data development plans
Long Term Strategic Plans
Developing a five year plan for your business unit or product franchise? We provide the tools and frameworks to develop a well-defined results-oriented strategic plan and can also package your plan to share with executives or investors. Our comprehensive analysis covers the following: • Market Overview (Size, Growth, Revenue Opportunity, etc.)
• Identification of the key strategic imperatives required for success
• Internal and Competitor SWOT analyses
• Technology Summary and value proposition evolvement
• Clinical and Economic Strategy
• Commercialization Plans and Market Development Approach
• Market Model and Targeted Forecast
Customer Requirements
As you build your new product or service, it is critical to identify and understand your customers’ evolving needs. These needs or customer requirements will guide your organization as you build your new product/service. By leveraging our integrated business planning approach, we provide the tools and processes to uncover the key requirements and document them in a way that can be easily shared within the organization. Our technical background and experience in a variety of industries allows us to quickly engage with your target customers to uncover their needs, and then ultimately partner with your development teams to document both the qualitative requirements, but also the technical translation (product spec) of that requirement.
Management or Investor Ready Presentations
Delivering the right message is critical to your success. We can help you develop a crystal clear and compelling presentation efficiently. We will work with you to understand the key challenges / objectives and review any current drafts along with any related analyses that may be completed. Our experience enables us to support any aspect of the presentation development process including; outlining objectives, strategic approach, creating a clear storyline, distilling complex data / findings into concise takeaways, and laying out the overall design and graphics. Whether it's a presentation you need for an important meeting in a few months or a pitch you need to make next week – we can help.
Meeting Facilitation
We regularly help support our clients in their most important and difficult meetings. We are called in when there are highly sensitive or strategically critical cross-functional situations where quite frankly having someone from the “outside” can help take the pressure off. We can help structure the meeting / agenda, solicit perspectives from key players in advance of the meeting, and support the creation of all the content for the meeting. Whether it’s a small executive strategy session or a larger session with numerous functions from across the company we can help you achieve your objectives.
Creating pathways to drive your top line growth