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We are a group of tenured medical industry professionals who focus on developing crystal clear strategy and product marketing plans to fuel your company's growth and revenues. Our team has experience in many complex business environments and has developed a tested and proven approach to ensure your product is successfully launched into the market place. We’ve successfully helped organizations launch over 80 products and helped them with all phases of the commercialization process from concept to launch. Whether you’re a startup or a global enterprise, we can help create pathways of growth for your business and reduce the time and investment to realize the full value of your technology. What sets up apart from the "other guys" is our true desire and ability to engrain into your culture / team and provide you more than a cookie cutter approach. We believe personal accountability, integrity, and work ethic are equally as important as our skill sets and experiences to build a long term relationship with our clients. Contact us to learn more about how The Strategic Passage Group can add value to your organization and help drive your top line growth.
Nirav Shah – Managing Director
shah Nirav Shah is Founder and Managing Director of The Strategic Passage Group. Nirav brings over 15 years of experience defining commercial strategy and identifying growth opportunities within organizations. Nirav' s experience spans across various industries within Fortune 100 companies including General Electric, IBM, AT&T, WellPoint and St. Jude Medical. Nirav’s specialties and passion are healthcare, technology, product marketing, and teamwork. Specifically, his broad exposure and experience in all facets of product marketing (concept to launch) enables him to provide leadership on any initiative or critical execution project an organization needs to deliver on. With his leadership, Nirav has helped guide organizations to realize over $135+ million in incremental revenues during his career.

General Electric: While at GE Healthcare, Nirav completed over 30 strategic marketing engagements for his C-suite clients at US healthcare systems; allowing him to clearly understand what providers need and consider when evaluating a new technology / therapy.

WellPoint: As Director of Marketing, Nirav led the strategic development of a company-wide initiative to identify and change industry thinking on health care reform. Nirav launched this digital initiative with resounding success (exceeding targets by over 50%).

St. Jude Medical: As Global Product Marketing Director, Nirav was quickly given leadership of one of the company's key growth drivers ($400M revenue target) and led a large cross-functional team (marketing, R&D, operations, regulatory) to provide overall business planning for a new cardiac product franchise; during his tenure as franchise director he successfully launched 7 products resulting in 60% year over year growth.

Nirav holds a B.S. from Pepperdine University and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and currently lives in Southern California with his wife and two daughters.
Additional Team Members
The Strategic Passage Group has aligned with trusted and talented professionals that complement our key service areas and expertise. These team members are often pulled into assignments or sometimes lead the complete engagement – allowing us to always meet client needs and deliver a strong end product. Detailed biographies and credentials of team members can be provided by request.
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