Strategic Planning
The success of any organization is dependent on your strategy. Every company should know where you are, where you want to be, and how you will get there. We provide leadership and develop clear strategic plans, whether you are at proof of concept stage or launch. Our strategic plans and framework include business justification, market identification, competitive analysis, customer segmentation, and forecasting.
Market Research
Uncovering your customer's unmet needs are fundamental to your strategic approach and value proposition. We provide dynamic interaction with your target customers; screener development, recruiting, moderating, analysis, and conclusions.
Presentation Development
Whether it's an internal or external presentation, delivering the right message in succinct fashion is critical to success. At Strategic Passage Group we have the ability to distill highly technical or complex information into concise presentations that capture the essence of what executives/investors need and want to know.
Meeting Facilitation
and Workshops
At Strategic Passage Group we understand that sometimes implementing change or securing buy in for your vision can be difficult. We have a track record of assisting organizations and senior leaders to successfully envision and implement change. Furthermore, we provide strategic marketing workshops for your teams focused on the STP process – segmentation, targeting, and positioning.
Creating pathways to drive your top line growth